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Unifix Vortex The Multi-Purpose POWER SCREW Trader Tubs

Unifix Vortex The Multi-Purpose POWER SCREW Trader Tubs

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Unifix Vortex - The multi-purpose power screw is technically-advanced, including "Sawfix" technology, which quickly and easily powers through a wide range of materials, including hardwood, decking, MDF, plastic, sheet metal and many other applications.


  • Recessed countersunk
  • Sharp milling nibs
  • Double countersunk head
  • Sharp, wide and deep thread
  • Sawfix serrated thread
  • Oblique-angle gash point

Similar in features to Reisser Cutters, Spax & Turbo Gold Ultra

The recessed double countersunk head on the Vortex products range reduces the likelihood of shearing the head of the screw, whilst assisting the completion of countersinking, making it a more reliable product for users.

The sharp, wide and deep thread on the products feature 'Sawfix' serrated thread technology, enabling the product to quickly and easily power through surfaces, and can be used on a range of materials including hardwood, decking, MDF, plastic and sheet metal.