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Standard Fasteners

The information on this website is only sample of the services and products we are able to offer. If you require any help or information regarding your fastener requirements no matter how big, small or difficult to find please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be pleased to do our best to assist


Spring pins

  • Cotter pins
  • Plugs
  • Forks
  • Clips for forks
  • Conical pins
  • Spring pins
  • Grooved pins
  • Dowel Pins
  • Dowel Bushings / Spring Dowels
  • Rolled Tubular Components
  • Inserts for Plastics

Brass fasteners

Brass Hex head screws

  • Threaded bars
  • Hex head screws
  • Cylindrical head screws
  • Countersunk head screws
  • Raised-head screw
  • Hex nuts
  • Blind nuts
  • Wing nuts
  • Flat washers
  • Thin flat washers

Hexagon head screws

 Fully threaded hex head screws

  • Hex head screws with threading
  • Fully threaded hex head screws
  • Partially threaded hex head screws
  • Knurled flanged hex head screws
  • Wide hex head nuts for carpentry
  • Flat washers for carpentry


Hexagon socket screws

Hexagon socket head cap screws

  • Headless Screws (Grub)
  • Hexagon socket head cap screws
  • HSHC screws with rectified tang
  • Hexagon socket countersunk flat head screws
  • Hexagon socket button head screws
  • Hex profile keys
  • Cylindrical head cylindrical plugs
  • Conical plugs with hex socket



 Hex nuts

  • Hex nuts
  • Crowned nuts
  • Knurled flanged hex nuts
  • Blind nuts with spherical cap
  • Wheel nuts
  • Self-locking nuts with nylon ring
  • Completely metal self-locking nuts
  • Wing nuts
  • Elastic hex nuts (Palmuttern)
  • Cage nuts
  • Weld nuts



 Flat washers A2 DIN 125-A

  • Flat washers
  • Wide-band washers
  • Washers (gasket)
  • Spring lock washers, Grower type
  • Elastic curved washers
  • Elastic wave washers
  • Spacer washers
  • Serrated washers
  • Support washers
  • Conical washers
  • Safety washers
  • Elastic disks for screws (DEB)
  • Plates for support on UPN beams